For most nonprofit leaders, hiring and managing a full-time staff is hard. We get it, and we want to provide you an easier alternative.

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Civica Associations, Conferences & Exhibitions provides many services on behalf of our nonprofit association clients.

Often, we serve as the headquarters and provide all staff under multi-year contracts. We also can support your existing headquarters staff on things like back-office tasks and special projects.

We perform board and governance support, membership recruitment and retention, meeting and conference planning, graphics direction and support, communications including website and emails, outreach to stakeholders and others, financial analysis and bookkeeping, national benchmarking, quarterly management dashboards, and membership and conference tracking. We provide extensive meeting and conference planning as well as “day of” conference services. Finally, we act as a purchasing cooperative for our clients in that we share many expenses across all organizations, saving money.

Our office is well located both in the center of the country and near to Denver International Airport, making Civica an ideal home for national, regional and state associations. Nationally, Civica hosts board fly-ins to our well-equipped boardroom, and our campus offers two conference centers for larger events. Ample covered parking is a perquisite for our volunteer leaders. Climate-controlled storage covering 2,000 square feet ensures your association's archives are securely and safely maintained.

Civica is a leader among AMCs nationally in the adoption of technology and social media.

Civica has a team structure to serving clients. Teams allow us to intimately represent and assist our association clients without their being lost in a bureaucracy. Teams enable our company to scale its services by adding people to teams. Finally, teams give our employees the opportunity, but not the obligation, to move occasionally to accommodate their interests and personal professional development.

Teams are terrific for the people who matter most to us – our clients and our employees.

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Civica has a culture of freedom and responsibility. We seek excellence, and our culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence.

We particularly value the following nine behaviors and skills in our colleagues … meaning we hire and promote people who demonstrate these nine: Judgment, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty and selflessness.

We help each other to be great by hiring responsible people. The rare responsible person is self motivating, self aware, self disciplined, self improving, acts like a leader, doesn’t wait to be told what to do and picks up the trash lying on the floor. We believe one great employee equals three good employees. That’s why we spend a lot of time hiring only the best people.

Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom. Our model is to increase employee freedom as we grow rather than limit it, to continue to attract and nourish innovative people, so we have better chance of sustained success. With the right people, we have a culture of creativity and self-discipline, freedom and responsibility.

We keep improving our culture as we grow. We try to get better at seeking excellence.

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