RMC Health Retains Civica To Plan 2018 "Healthy Schools Leadership Retreat"

RMC Health of Lakewood, Colorado, has retained Civica Association Conferences & Exhibitions to provide conference-planning services for the organization's 2018 "Healthy Schools Leadership Retreat" at Keystone Conference Center in Dillon, Colorado. 

The retreat is Colorado’s leading school health conference. Held biannually, it allows the Colorado healthy schools community to share best practices, network and discuss how the community can continue to put a focus on a coordinated school health approach in Colorado.

The participants have the opportunity to help define what it means to be a ‘healthy school,’ and to gain exposure to their programs and activities.  Many of the programs highlighted serve as blueprints for school programs across the country.

This year's retreat is Wednesday, June 6 – Friday, June 8. The retreat website is here.

ABOUT RMC HEALTH: For 40 years, RMC Health has promoted the health of children and youth across the United States by providing exceptional professional development, trainings, technical assistance, and health-related program and resource development. Each year it conducts trainings for teachers, administrators, school nurses, school counselors, and public health professionals and staff at government agencies and nonprofit organizations.